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Under the terms of the Charity's Constitution there is provision for a maximum of thirteen Trustees (also known as Feoffees) and a minimum of eight. At the present time there are ten Trustees. In 1994, on our 450th anniversary we appointed our first lady Feoffee, and now we have three.

When a vacancy needs to be filled names are suggested, generally from established Beccles families, and considered by the current Trustees The person(s) selected is/are then invited to join.

The Collector (Chairman) is appointed at the December Annual General Meeting, and holds office for twelve months. Trustees hold the post of Collector in alphabetical turn. The Collector allots duties relevant to the Charity's activities to all his/her fellow Trustees. The present Collector is Mr G Hickman.

Official badge of the Beccles Townlands Charity Collector

The Collector's Badge, presented to the Beccles Feoffees by fellow Feoffee Richard Garrood, in December 2001, in memory of F K Garrood and F F Garrood, also previous Feoffees.

Current Trustees:

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